My name is Lauren Smith Kennedy and I currently reside in South Portland, Maine with my adorable 4-year-old ginger cat named Percy, and boyfriend, Brendan. 

About 8 months ago, I was offered to do my first end-of-life shoot for a friends of a friend who had a young pup with terminal cancer. After sharing this on my personal social media, I soon became aware of how needed this service truly was and my journey with end-of-life pet photography began. I have had the opportunity to meet over 40 families, and learn their stories, and capture tender, vulnerable, and meaningful moments. 

After sharing my work on social media it also became very apparent that I would not be able to photograph all of the families who were reaching out to me due to the volume of inquires- nor would I be able to travel. This lead me to creating and founding the Tilly Project: an end-of-life pet photography network and resources for pet owners facing anticipatory grief/pet loss/bereavement. You can find the website by clicking here.



  • They are free.

  • Sessions last for about 45 min-1 hour (this can be shorter if need be, of course!) 

  • They are what YOU want them to be. This means you could have your whole family involved, OR just solo photos of your pet. 

  • At this time, this is the ONLY service I am offering.

  • At this time I am only able to travel within.a 20 mile radius of Portland. You can head to thetillyproject.org to find a photographer near you!

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